A Real Force
In Trading

Our team culture is trader-oriented.
We are a talent discovery platform created
by traders for traders.

a real force in trading




20,000 +

Funded traders


800 million +

Traded Everday

When I first started backing traders, it became obvious that the longer one could continue trading, the more chance of eventual success. Those who could afford to continue to trade were not necessarily those with the most talent for trading.

The solution was to create a platform that minimised the costs and maximised access to real trading. A funnel that was open to anybody with limited funds around the world. A process of allowing the better traders to rise and to receive the largest amount of backing. A platform where everyone is equal and can compete on the same basis regardless of background or wealth.

I recruited a like minded team and we created and maintain a mutually beneficial eco-system generating greater value for both traders and the firm.

....'That's when I started BIuFX.'

Yu Song

Our Story So Far

Retrace our Steps on this most increadible of journeys!



After one year and thousands
of simulated trials our first
neural net risk management
system launched.


Launched web-based trading
platform. Upgraded to new
Al-driven risk parameter




Rebranded to BluFX. Added
overnight trading and
growth path


We had enough proven and
successful traders to return a
consistent profit to our investor




We held a round table meeting with
our members to get a deeper insight
into how to improve our product and have a little fun also.


Over 20,000 traders
have joined us


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