BluFX is a revolutionary proprietary trading solution developed by Blueprint Capital Ltd. BpC has years of industry knowledge and makes use of cutting edge proprietary trading technology; thus, we are an active trading firm which understands the needs of traders in the market.

The BluFX team never stops trying to find the value in people, particularly when it comes to prop traders. We have been continuously developing a solution that will bridge the gap between retail trading and professionals. We dedicated years of R&D into our risk management system and trading technology to allow us to establish our in-house platform. This platform allowed us to create a trading ecosystem which offers a clear path for traders to advance and create value. All of which combined into the birth of BluFX.

BluFX believes in a future where everyone gets equal opportunities to access the trading world. A future where everyone has a path to professional trading, where trading can be a part of people’s lives without massive risk. We are dedicated to building BluFX into a sharing platform and an open space where traders can find whatever they require for trading, from capital and technology to knowledge and wisdom.

BluFX is also proud to be leading the proprietary trading industry into a brand new future, where the trading environment takes real care of talented traders.

The BluFX revolution will transform the closed financial industry into a truly open marketplace.

We welcome all passionate traders to join BluFX.