Axel Kangou

Axel Kangou

Quebec Based Trader Flag

Traded with BluFX: 14 Months

Trading Experience:


Trading Style: Consistent, Discipline, Low Frequency

Axel has been a forex trader for 5 years, trading in several different areas including the Forex markets. He began trading with another FX company but found the fees to be too high, and so looked elsewhere before discovering BluFX. At first, Axel was quite passive in his trading system, but began to grow in confidence as he got used to the platform and the risk policies of BluFX. He has now been a member of the BluFX RTP team for a year, and would like to one day be able to trade full time. Axel’s current strategy involves buying and scaling out of positions in order to average an entry and exit price, and with his level of familiarity with the system Axel can largely accomplish this without worry. Axel tries to ignore the noise inherent in day to day market news and instead focus on executing consistent trades. Whilst he does not have the largest daily trading volume compared to other traders, Axel has managed to gain a very consistent daily average profit from his trading activities and is well on his way to BluFX’s highest account levels. Within the past 7 months, Axel has earned slightly over $7’000 from his trading activities, on a total volume of $19’950’000. Axel had originally set a target of $6’500 for the first 6 months of trading, and thus has managed to meet his own personal target. Over the remainder of the year, Axel hopes to double his total profit, earning $15k or $2’500 per month – an achievable goal as Axel has already made enough to move up to the $100’000 trading book. If he can hit his profit targets for the year, Axel will have made $11’250 in net profit, some of which he will withdraw as he plans to focus on building up his account value in his second year of trading. If he were to give advice to new traders, Axel would suggest performing a lot of research on the proprietary trading industry and remote trading in general. Furthermore, new traders need to put in the hours testing and refining their strategies, which may be boring but is necessary according to Axel. Axel believes that the hardest challenge of being a trader is having to build up your own capital, and thus according to him one of the biggest advantages of the BluFX remote trader programme is the ability to manage other people’s money, and advance to higher and higher capital amounts. Axel trades from his home in Quebec, and he is grateful for being able to fit his trading around his work which he also does from home.   axel-graph-large

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