As part of our 10 year anniversary we are offering all new members 10% off subscriptions across all products over January. Get funded

As part of our 10 year anniversary we are offering all new members 10% off subscriptions across all
products over January. - Get Funded

BluFX is 10 Years Old

For our 10-year anniversary we created a
brand-new package for a limited time only.


For this special time in BluFX’s history we wanted to spread our wings a little and bring something different to our audience to celebrate this amazing moment.

We wanted to create something special that would allow us to reach a new segment of traders and give those traders the ability to achieve financial success.

So, we created our anniversary package that would give us insight and data and a new opportunity for traders within BluFX environment.

It’s been a long road for BluFX and we wanted to do something cool for our traders to celebrate the journey so far.


Pay once to get
access to a live $20k
funded account. (Not Demo)


40 calendar days account
probation period


Instant pay-out at
a 50/50 profit split


No minimum
trading days


No daily
drawdown limits.

How it Works

Pay a one-time fee and get your funded account. Hit a profit target of $2,000 and withdraw within forty (40) calendar days to become a BluFX Contract Trader.
Subsequently, you will be required to hit a minimum profit target of $1,200 in order to withdraw within forty (40) calendar days.


1. Choose your package


2. Make payment inside
your dashboard


3. Download your
new MT4 platform


# What is the leverage?

Our leverage for this 10 years anniversary package is 1:5.

# Is this an instant funding or evaluation package?

This is a one-time fee, instant funding, live account package. Traders who hit the first profit target of $2,000 and withdraw will become a BluFX Contract Trader.

# How does the profit target work?

The first profit target to become a BluFX Contract Trader is $2,000. Subsequently, a Contract Trader will only need to make a minimum profit of $1,200 to withdraw.

# Can I have a running BluFX monthly subscription package and still participate in this one-time offer?

Yes. You can have a running monthly subscription and still purchase this package.

# Can I purchase more than one of the one-time fee packages?

We only allow one account per person for this package.

# Is there a discount for retakes?

Yes. If a trader makes a minimum of $1,000 in the first forty (40) days, a 50% discount on the fee will be given for a retake. However, if a trader makes less than $1,000 then the full price must be paid for a retake.

# What are the trading hours?

Traders can open and close trades whenever the markets are open.

# Can I trade over the weekend?

No positions may be held over the weekend. All positions must be closed on Fridays at 9:00pm London Time (11:00pm MT4 Time).

# Are robots and scripts allowed?

Robots and Scripts are not allowed on this package.

# Is there an account growth option for this package?

There is currently no account growth option available.

# Can I refinance my account?

There is no refinance option available on this package.

# Can I hedge?

Hedging is not allowed; two or more opposing positions of the same currency pair should not be entered concurrently.

# What are your spreads for this package?

Our broker’s spreads are very competitive, Eternity Global Ltd. Is an STP Broker, which means they will pass on the trades to the market makers so that the best variable spread possible is found at the time.

The spread will depend on the specific pair and time of day as well as market volatility. This variable is set by our liquidity providers and is much better than what retail traders typically get from their brokers and is in line with professional traders’ expectations. EURUSD for example is around 0.6 during the normal European trading sessions.

# What are the lot sizes?

The maximum lot size for a currency pair will depend on the currency pair, the available margin and the margin requirement of that currency pair.

The lot size will change more or less depending on the exchange rate itself. The best way is to test it out on the live account.

# Can I lose the account?

Yes. You will lose the account if you hit the maximum drawdown, or carry out any unauthorised trading activity at any time.

After becoming a BluFX Contract Trader, you will also lose the account by failing to maintain the required profit balance of $1,200 every forty (40) days.

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