Terms & Conditions

1 - 5: General Website Terms and Conditions
6 - 11: Subscription Terms and conditions

Welcome to the registration to BluFX Ltd (“us”, “we”) website and its related services. You may access many areas of our website without registering your details with us. Certain areas are only open to you if you register. The terms and conditions which govern material submitted by you to us and your use of the www.blufx.co.uk website (including all ‘BluFX’ branded microsites and any email bulletins) are governed by our general “Terms and Conditions of Reading”. These Terms and Conditions of Registration are in addition to the general Terms and Conditions of Reading.

General Website Terms and Conditions

1. Registration
1.1 • By registering here and creating your “BluFX Profile”, you can access different services that are offered by us without having to register for each service separately. If a service you wish to subscribe to has additional terms and conditions, you will be asked to accept these separately.

1.2 You agree that:
(1) • You will keep your username and password safe, and won’t share them with anyone.
(2) • You will not pass yourself off as someone else or create multiple, false accounts.

2. Term
2.1• If you breach these or any of our other terms and conditions we reserve the right to close your account, if we do so, we may close all accounts you have open in your name.
2.2 • To deactivate your account please contact our Support Team; their details can be found on our home page.

3. Administration
3.1 • You can update your personal details (including your account and marketing preferences) by accessing your account at your BluFX Profile page and making any necessary changes; this will update your details across all services that you have subscribed to.

4. • Data
4.1 •Full details of the way in which we use cookies on our website and how we hold and process your information can be found in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

5. General
5.1 • No waiver by us of any breach of these terms shall constitute a waiver of any other prior or subsequent breach and we shall not be affected by any delay, failure or omission to enforce or express forbearance granted in respect of any of your obligations.

5.2 • The rights and remedies of this under these terms are independent, cumulative and without prejudice to its rights under the law.

5.3 • These terms are not intended to create and shall not create any rights, entitlements, claims or benefits enforceable by any third party by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

5.4 • These terms and/or your use of the website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute which may arise.

Trading Subscription Terms and Conditions

6. Trading Rules and Guidelines

6.1 • The trading account and all funds remain the property of BluFX, hereby referred to as 'The Account Owner'. Subscribed traders hereby referred to as 'Traders or Subscribers' are not liable for any losses incurred during their authorised and acknowledged trading activity on the Account Owners funded account. Subscribers have no title, ownership, investment or rights to the funds in the trading account. Subscribers may receive account credentials, trade execution rights and statements for the account on behalf of the account owner, yet are prohibited from any direct contact with, or instruction to the broker or any other intermediary. Any such direct and non BluFX sanctioned contact with any BluFX broker or intermediary will result in instant subscription termination and trading account closure.

6.2 • Traders are compensated on performance and target completion basis only. Traders keep 50% of their profits if and only when a profit target of $2,000 is reached within the first 60 calendar days and subsequently when a profit target of 6% of the starting account balance is reached.

6.3 • Traders will manage a $20,000 trading book on the one-time fee. Swap free/Islamic accounts are available for this package.

6.4 • Traders may only trade on major and minor pairs. Any combination available of the following currencies may be traded as pairs: CHF, USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD, XAU.

6.5 • Traders are permitted to use Expert Advisers (EAs).

6.6 • The leverage for the BluFX Contract Trader account package is 1:5, hence the buying power of $150,000.

6.7 • All traders must adhere strictly to a maximum drawdown of 5% of the starting balance. Any trader breaching the maximum drawdown must stop trading. Continued breach of the maximum drawdown will be classed as unauthorised trading activity.

6.8 • Hedging is not allowed. Two or more opposing positions that result in margin limit breaches are deemed to be unauthorised trading activities. Traders are not to engage in copy trades, hedging or following other traders' entry and exit signals. All trades must be based on the traders’ own analysis and decisions.

6.9 • BluFX is not responsible for any technical issues arising from the usage of MT4 or any other systems provided by their appointed brokers.

6.10 • Only one account per individual is permitted for this package. Subscribers can have any one of our monthly subscription packages along with this package.
Subscribers will be billed once for this package. This will be valid for 60 calendar days.

6.11 • To become a BluFX Contract Trader, the trader must make and withdraw $2,000 above the original account balance. A BluFX Contact Trader does not pay for subscription to access the account.

6.12 • Upon becoming a BluFX Contract Trader, any trader who intends to maintain the status must have the minimum profit sum of $1,200 in the account for every 40 days. The 40 days starts counting from the date of the last withdrawal. Please note that every 40 days from the date of the last withdrawal, we can inspect the trader’s account to ensure that the trader has the minimum required profit sum. A default of this clause will lead to a deactivation of the account.

6.13 • Any BluFX Contract Trader who intends to pause their account must request and obtain a written consent from the company, the consent which shall not be unreasonably withheld. Provided that accounts can only be paused for three times in a year and for a total cumulative period not exceeding eighty (80) days per annum.

The request to pause an account must be sent at least three (3) business days prior to the intended pause date.

Please note that Subject to Clause 6.12 above, the application for a pause does not reset the 40 days cycle for which a contract trader must hold a minimum of $1,200 pro t in their account. Hence upon the expiration of the paused period, the 40 days cycle continues counting.

7. Trading Hours

7.1 • Anniversary Package Traders have 24-hour trading time. They are authorised to open, hold or close positions whenever the markets are open.
However, all trades must be closed at 21:00 on Friday (23:00 MT4 time) No trade may be held over the weekend.

The BluFX Contract Trader may request to hold a trade over a particular weekend but MUST receive a written permission before proceeding to do so.

8. Unauthorised Trading Activity

8.1 • Any pattern of unauthorised trading will leave the trader ineligible for withdrawals.

8.2 • Any pattern of unauthorised trades after a warning will result in instant account closure.

8.3 • Any funds gained in the trading account as a result of unauthorised trades will be removed from the account and credited to BluFX at investor/trader withdrawals.

8.4 • All actions related to unauthorised trading activities are implemented autonomously by our signature award-winning machine learning AI risk system and are final.

8.5 • Warnings related to unauthorised trading activity may not always be sent before action is taken by the risk system.

8.6 • Only one account per verified individual is permitted for the one-time fee package. Traders are not permitted to allow others to trade their account and may not trade on any other BluFX account. IP addresses, device IDs and behavioural data maps will be used by the automated risk system as a basis for determining unauthorised trading activity.

8.7 •All traders must be contactable on the telephone number provided during verification at any time a position is held in the markets. BluFX reserves the right to demand extra video verification at any time. Failure to contact the trader or to verify identity will result in trade deletion and/or account suspension.

9. Profit Withdrawal Schedule

9.1 • Traders are compensated on a profit split basis only. Traders keep 50% of all profits if and only when a profit target of $2,000 for the first withdrawal is reached and subsequently 6% of the starting account balance is reached.

9.2 • Requests for withdrawal can be made whenever the account balance is at least the original sum + $2,000 of the starting account balance for the first withdrawal and then subsequently the original sum + 6% of the starting account balance.

9.3 • For BluFX Contract Traders, withdrawals in blocks of the 6% of the starting account balance above original balance are deducted upon request from the trading account. There are no limits on the number of withdrawals made on a weekly basis after becoming a BluFX Contract Trader. An equal share of 50% of every account withdrawal is transferred to the investor's pool and to the trader's equity account and is held separately from the trading account. The total amount requested from equity will be sent to the trader on Friday of the week.

9.4 • Withdrawals are processed up to Thursday of every week and payouts to traders are made on Friday of every week.

9.5 • Payments will be made by Bank Transfer or PayPal to an account in the trader's own name. Alternative payment methods may be available; however, the trader must ensure that bank transfers related to FX are receivable by the institution and its regulators in the trader's geographic location. BluFX partners with local brand ambassadors in various countries to assist in payout.

9.6 • BluFX will not be responsible for failure to deliver a payout due to adverse regulatory directives or rejection in any country or region. Nor will payment be re-sent in the event of rejection of transfer by the receiving foreign institution.

9.7 • BluFX does not charge for trading account withdrawals or payout to UK banks or PayPal. The receiver may be charged by the payment system. Foreign bank transfers will be subject to a $50 fee by the 3rd party payment company used by BluFX.
PayPal Free, Bank Wire, UK free, International 50 USD. PerfectMoney 1.99%. USDT, ERC20 25 USD, TRC20 1USD

10. Refund Policy

10.1 • Refunds may be requested within 14 days of the INITIAL subscription.

10.2 • The amount receivable is based on the number of days remaining on licence divided by 60, and then multiplied by the licence fee.

10.3 • Any losses made during the period of subscription are deducted from the refund amount.

10.4 • If losses exceed the value of the amount in 10.2 then the trader is ineligible for a refund.

10.5 • Refunds will not be issued should the trader continue to trade after requesting the refund.

11. Retake Option

11.1 • All Traders who do not attain the first profit target of $2,000 may pay for a retake. Traders who attain at least half of the first profit target may pay 50% of the one-time fee. Traders who do not make up to half of the first profit target must pay the full price for a retake.

11.2 • Any BluFX Contract Trader who loses their account as a result of failure to comply with this Terms and Conditions can be allowed to pay the full one-time fee for a retake.

11.3 • Retakes will set the account balance back to the starting capital.

12. Growth Fundamentals

12.1 • Traders can choose to grow their accounts up to $200,000 upon becoming a BluFX Contract Trader.

12.2 • For every 10% growth target achieved by the Contract trader, BluFX shall increase the account size by 30% till a maximum of $200,000 is attained.

12.3 • The Contract Trader may choose to withdraw the growth profit.

12.4 • The Growth Path is as stated below:
$20,000 - $26,000 - $34,000 - $44,000 - $57,000 - $74,000 - $96,000 - $125,000 $162,000 - $200,000.

13. Risk Disclaimer

13.1 • BluFX or its brokers may change margin requirements at any time in line with perceived or actual excessive changes in volatility and/or liquidity.

13.2 • BluFX or its brokers may cancel orders or trades at any time in line with perceived or actual risk of non-execution of stop or limit orders due to market conditions.

13.3 • BluFX or its brokers are not responsible for the variable spread, liquidity levels or limit order execution parameters provided by liquidity providers and market makers.

14. Leverage & Broker

The leverage for this one-time fee product is 1:5. This is set in line with our analysis of vast amounts of trader data. We have set the leverage at the level that allows traders who have developed strategies, that do not rely on luck, and are suitable for low risk and consistent returns when applied to large amounts of trading capital.

BluFX uses the broker; Eternity Global Ltd. who are regulated by VFSC. Our broker's spreads are very competitive. Eternity Global Ltd. is an STP broker, which means they pass on the trades to the market makers so that the best variable spread possible is found at the time.

The spread will depend on the specific pair and time of day as well as market volatility. This variable is set by our liquidity providers and is much better than what retail traders typically get from their brokers and is in line with professional traders’ expectations. EURUSD for example is around 0.6 pips during the normal European trading session. We don’t charge any commissions on our accounts.

Please have a look on our website, blog, and YouTube. With the data we have for the past 10 years for over 50,000 traders, we can guarantee you that if you can't make money with BluFX, the leverage is not the reason.