The BluFX Trading Platform Launch

BluFX Trading Platform

The BluFX Trading Platform Launch

BluFX Trading Platform

At BluFX we are launching our newest and vastly improved third edition of our trading platform, and to celebrate this, we will be having a launch party on the 3rd of May.



About BluFX

If you’re new here and have found us for the first time due to this new platform launch, then BluFX is a revolutionary proprietary trading solution developed by Blueprint Capital (BpC) Ltd.

With years of industry knowledge, BpC is an active trading firm employing a multi layered risk model and cutting-edge proprietary trading technology to fund traders.

For over 5 years BpC have continuously developed a solution that bridges the gap between retail and professional trading resulting in a globally diverse community of collaborative traders.


Our Values

We trade, we share, we connect. This is the trading environment that BluFX has been striving to build. In these times of the sharing economy, trading is the place that needs the sharing spirit the most.

What BluFX wants to see for the trading industries future is a truly open market place where everyone has the equal opportunity to access.

90% of retail traders need a transparent, institutional-class trading support to help grow to a professional level or gain consistent profit, or hopefully both! And that’s because too many unearthed and non-nurtured talents are disrupted on their career path by unexpected retail factors at the last minute.


What does our new edition of the trading platform offer?

The BluFX community of traders and their trading volumes increased and it became apparent that there was a need to introduce a more sophisticated and fully featured evolution.

After 24 months of development with our technology partner, we have now released the third version of the BluFX Trading Platform.

This platform has a lot of requested features, such as; 1 click trading and a full suite of technical analysis tools as well as full charting capability. Execution speeds are vastly improved and full IT support is now included. There is now price aggregation across many liquidity providers allowing a vastly tightened spread.

With the release of version 3.0 of the platform, traders on any of our packages now have access to the following additional features:

  • Compatible with any device PC, laptop, tablet, mobile
  • Web-based platform
  • No downloads required
  • Fast Execution with low spreads
  • Instant market execution available
  • Server side pending orders
  • User friendly charting function
  • Wide variety of technical indicators
  • Trade from your chart
  • Fast and easy to use charts and drawing tools
  • Big technical indicator library
  • IT support
  • Manage trading function settings to suit needs


Our Fundamental Features

When you join the BluFX Remote Trader Platform and sign up for a trading account, a trading book of either $25,000 or $50,000 is then unlocked for use. This capital, provided solely by our firm, is available for trading in the major currency pairs on the forex exchange markets.

Profits earned on the markets are split between BluFX and the trader 50/50. FX Traders must reach an initial 5% profit margin to withdraw and 10% to grow, but are otherwise free to pursue their own trading strategies using their trading plans.

All funding is provided by BluFX, traders do not risk any of their own capital, even if losses occur on their trading accounts, BluFX will still bear the costs which allows you, the trader, to have a risk-free trading lifestyle.

It’s a learning experience that you really cannot gain from a practice trading account. This allows and helps you to preserve your capital whilst speculating in Forex trading.

BluFX has been engineered in such a way that it allows for proprietary trading wherever you are in the world. We already have traders in over 20 countries worldwide, a number that just keeps on growing.

Starting from the standard trading account that BluFX provides, when profit margins set are met the amount of funding traders provide will increase. There is no time frame and you can grow your trading account to over $1 million.


The Launch

The May launch party is an opportunity for the office based team to meet and interact with people who are interested in our new trading platform. And it also gives us an opportunity to meet with our remote traders who have been invited to the event.

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