Chance Wilson

Chance Wilson

Chance Wilson

London based Trader Flag

Traded with BluFX: 15 Months

Trading Experience:


Trading Style: Very Discipline, Risk Averse, Long term Planning

Another experienced member of the BluFX team, Chance has been trading in forex for 5 years. Before starting with BluFX, Chance had managed to build up a large account through his trading activities, but in the end suffered a painful loss due to issues with his broker. Following this experience, Chance preferred to find a prop trading firm for his future trading activities, and was referred to BluFX by two of our existing traders. His forex trading strategy is one of discipline and care, setting considerate daily stops and maximum losses whilst staying true to the strategy even if the account is down in the short term. Also important to Chance is the psychology of a trader. Passion and commitment are key facets of his own approach and Chance believes that being ready to fight for success is necessary for anyone who wants to be successful with BluFX. He also considers demo accounts to be a waste of time if you want to be a real trader. In his first five months of trading, Chance accumulated $4’500 in total profit, some way off of his ambitious target of $10k for the first 6 months. Chance had an aggressive trading plan, aiming to quickly hit the 10% margins and keep moving up to higher and higher trading book values, hitting the $1million account within one year. Chance may have to push his target back somewhat, but is still on course for reaching that goal in 2 years. If Chance can meet that, then he can safely bank $100k in net profit every year by maintaining consistency. Since joining the programme, Chance has largely met his targets for advancement, and considers the final stage to be becoming a full time trader with Blueprint Capital. Chance thinks being a trader is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, needing both talent and dedication.   chance-graph-large

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