The BluFX Remote Trader Programme is the new solution to Forex Trading Accounts from Blueprint Capital. This is a revolutionary offering that puts traders in control of BluFX capital. Instead of deposit and risk your own money, BluFX gives you the opportunity to use the funding of Blueprint Capital to trade on the markets. There are no hidden conflicts with traders’ interests.

Get Funded up to $50’000

When you join the BluFX RTP and open a trading account, a trading book of $50’000 is unlocked for use, with conditions depending on the package chosen. This capital, provided by our firm, is available for trading in the major currency pairs on the forex exchange markets.

Profits earned on the markets are split between BluFX and trader 50/50. FX Traders must reach an initial 5% profit margin to withdraw and 10% to advance, but are otherwise free to pursue their own trading strategies.

Free of Risk

As all funding is provided by the firm, traders do not risk any of their own trading capital. Even if losses are incurred, the firm will still bear the costs. There are no other trading accounts available that offer such a risk-free trading opportunity. It’s a learning experience you cannot gain from a practice trading account. This allows you to preserve your capital whilst speculating in FX trading.

However, RTP traders must abide by certain trading guidelines in order to manage risk. Our trading managers are on hand to provide assistance to traders should they have any difficulties on the market.

Advance to larger and larger trading accounts

All standard account holders have the opportunity to grow their trading accounts. Starting from $50k, if certain profit margin targets are met the amount of funding will increase, with an eventual leap to $1million. Traders that reach this stage then have a further chance to join our company as a full time prop trader or fund manager.

Global Proprietary Trading

The BluFX Remote Trader programme (RTP) has been engineered to allow for prop trading wherever you are in the world. Our Global Team of traders already encompasses more than 20 countries worldwide, a number that continues to grow. We are recruiting now for more prop traders to join our team and get started on our trading platform.

Risk Guidelines

As an experienced proprietary trading firm, we believe the key to making money is to manage risk properly. BluFX have set up trading risk management guidelines to not only help ourselves to manage risk but most importantly to provide a clear and transparent direction for traders to trade profitably in a professional manner. Thus our program will enable traders to build up their discipline, a key competency for any long term success. Our guidance will lead you to forming the right habits for your career and avoiding common trading mistakes such as overtrading and lack of diversification.

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