Olatain Olufemlola

Olatain Olufemlola

Canary Islands based Trader Flag

Traded with BluFX: 7 Months

Trading Experience:


Trading Style: Self-Tought, Conservative

Olatain is one of the most experienced traders in the BluFX team, with 10 years of experience under his belt in a range of areas, including Forex, stock trading and futures. However, according to the man himself he did not start taking it seriously until the last few years. Olatain joined BluFX in January of 2016. At first, Olatain had some struggles adapting to BluFX, particularly with the risk management policies. Over time however, Olatain came to appreciate them and believes they encourage discipline in trading. In addition, for his early trades Olatain was too conservative, trading in small amounts and stopping the trades before they had hit his own stop loss or profit target. However, encouraged by his BluFX manager, Olatain started to trust his trading strategies and now make use of more volume allowance and longer holding times, accepting that there will always be some risk involved. He has an advanced forex trading strategies which he devised himself having self-taught the basics of trading. Olatain hopes to be able to take up trading full time once he can show consistent profitability. He has a long-term view of his trading career, as he continues to focus on learning and building up a knowledge base even with his extensive experience. For Olatain, the biggest advantages of the BluFX programme were the prices for subscription and the opportunity to trade through an institution rather than on his own. For new traders, Olatain recommends trusting yourself, both in your strategies and analysis that you perform, rather than listening to the opinions of others. In particular, Olatain suggests putting your concentration at the open and close of the markets since a large amount of trading activity will take place at these times. Away from trading, Olatain studies in the Cayman Islands alongside his BluFX activities. Sometimes Olatain finds the time differences difficult due to his location and tries to focus on specific times to trade.   olaitan-graph-large

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