White Label


How it works

As a white label, you will be granted the license to operate as a prop firm using our liquidity (backing).
After becoming a white label, you will receive a BluFX Partner Dashboard which you will use to run tasks such as:

Requesting new accounts,
Requesting withdrawals for your traders,
Refinancing and lots more.

You will basically act as our only point of contact with your traders; everything will have to go through you.

You will be responsible for collecting payments from your clients and forwarding us our share as well as distributing client withdrawals.

The Process of Becoming A White Label: BluFX Partner

After making the white label fee payment, we will send you a contract which you will need to sign and send back to us alongside your proof of corporation. Within 24 hours, you will be sent login details to your BluFX Partner Dashboard alongside the checkout links by which means you will forward us our share of each sale. Then you will be able to request accounts and other tasks.

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If you have Signed Up, login to your BluFX Trader Dashboard and use the Support - Help Desk. However, if you are yet to sign up, use the form below to contact us.