per month
The Lite subscription provides funding and immediate market access.
This subscription is most suitable for novice traders or those who only want limited involvement.
$25,000 Book
Not liable for losses
$625 per payout
$75,000 buying power
No account growth
Intraday only
28 currency pairs & Gold
50/50 Profit Split
Refinance option available
per month
Our Pro subscription allows traders to experience account growth to larger fund sizes and longer term positions.
Our most advanced subscription, Pro is suitable for experienced traders
$50,000 Book
Not liable for losses
$1,250 per payout
$150,000 buying power
Account growth
Overnights allowed
28 currency pairs & Gold
50/50 Profit Split
Refinance option available

Additional to Lite & Pro, we offer the ‘Islamic Subscription’ as our premium service for swap-free trading.

By purchasing, you agree to  Lite Trading Terms & Conditions;    Pro Trading Terms & Conditions.

Time to Renew?

Step 1: Make a payment based on your subscription type

Step2: Request to renew

Traders Guidelines

Please find below a list of trading policies as set out by Blueprint Capital. All BluFX Traders are required to abide by the trade policies at all times.

  • BluFX Prop Traders are not liable for any losses incurred during their trading activity.
  • Traders are compensated on a profit split basis only. Traders keep 50% of their profits if and only if a profit target of 5% is reached.
  • Traders will manage a $50,000 trading book on Pro Package and $25,000 on Basic Package.
  • Traders may only trade on major and minor pairs. Any of the following currencies may be traded as pairs: CHF, USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD. XAUUSD is also available.
  • Trading Hours are as follows: 6:00am – 9:00pm (Monday – Friday) London time.
  • Overnight positions are only authorised to subscribers on a Pro Package, or when the first growth target (10%) is reached on the Standard Package.
  • Hedging is not allowed.
  • Traders on Pro Package have growth options to progress to larger capital books

Our Growth Fundamentals

The BluFX team never stops trying to find the value in people, particularly when it comes to prop traders. Spotting talented traders is our mission. We have setup a capital growth path for our traders featuring 4 Stages:

Stage 1: All traders start with a $50K trading book, regardless of their background, experience or track record. We give all our traders an equal opportunity to prove themselves as a profitable trader. Profit withdrawals of 5% blocks are independent from the growth targets of 10%.

Stage 2: If you can make a 10% return on your $50K trading book – growing your account to $55k – we will double your initial funding to $100k, or $105k net. The 10% amount of $5k must be maintained in the account and may not be withdrawn. This is independent of any 5% profit withdrawals. Traders have to separately maintain the 10% for the growth target.

Stage 3: If you can make another 10% return on your $100K trading book – growing your account to $115k net – then we will double your account value once again, up to $200k, or $215k net. Again, the $15k amount must be kept in the account. Further, our in-house trading team will also help you to finalise your trading strategies or advise on your trading style if you require.

Stage 4: For the final stage, you must make 10% once again on your $200K trading book, giving you a net of $235k. If you can succeed here we will allocate $1Million to you and you will become one of our fund managers. You no longer pay a subscription and can negotiate your own deal.

You can withdraw 5% profit withdrawals at anytime. However, if you withdraw any part of the growth amounts retained along the way your account will be rolled back to the lower levels. Therefore, you may withdraw your share of the retained profit at any point of this path, however you will not be able to grow further without reaching the net figures for each stage.

You will not be rolled back to lower funding levels unless there are severe losses on your account.

Our Refinance Option

To help our traders enter the growth process at stage 2 or to achieve a withdrawal payment, we realise that a psychological boost makes a great difference at Stage 1.

All Traders with negative balances now receive refinance back to the initial balance of $25000 or $50000 by paying £50 upon any further subscription. This is subject to approval by the risk team and is only available to those without unauthorised trades on record.

This is only available for Stage 1 accounts.

Refund Policy

  • You can receive a refund within two weeks of initial subscription.
  • The amount received is based on the number of days you have remaining on licence divided by 30, and then multiplied by the licence fee.
  • Any losses made during the month of subscription are deducted from refund amount.
  • So, if your losses exceed the value of the amount in the second point then you are ineligible for a refund.

Withdrawal Schedule

  • Requests for withdrawal can be made whenever the account balance is at least 105% and the subscription is active
  • Withdrawals are processed up to the 20th day of each month and are bank transfers to the trader are made on the 25th of each month.
  • Withdrawals in blocks of 5% are deducted upon request from the trading account. There is no limit on withdrawals on a monthly basis.
  • The traders profit spilt of 50% is then transferred to the traders equity account and is held separately from the trading account. The amount requested will be sent to the trader on the 25th of each month.

Payment Methods

  • BluFX pay profits on the 25th day of a month for withdrawals requested up to the 20th day of the month.
  • Payments will be made by bank transfer or other methods according to instructions from the trader.