General Setup

Remote traders are compensated on a profit split basis only. You keep 50% of your profits once (and only when) you hit your target of five percent.

Guidelines and Risk Management

All Remote Traders are required to abide by the trade policies, guidelines, and risk management as set out by BluFX at all times. Please be advised that trade rules, especially those covering risk, are subject to change at any time. All clarification on any of the below should be sought prior to trading.

  1. Traders will initially run a $50,000 book, trading the FX Majors and Minors shown below.
  2. Leverage of 1:3
  3. Trading hours from 6:00am Monday to 9pm Friday London time.
  4. Overnight positions are allowed, but not over weekends.
  5. All trades must be closed by 9pm London time on Fridays. Positions held or opened after this time will be closed and restrictions will be placed on the account until the next trading session.
  6. Hedging is not allowed. 2 or more opposing positions that result in margin limit breaches are deemed to be unauthorised trading activities.
  7. Unauthorised positions will result in the termination of the subscription.
  8. Facilitation fee of £249 per month.
  9. Traders will not be liable for losses caused by trading activity.
  10. The following currencies may be traded as pairs: CHF, USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD. XAUUSD is also available.

Profit Withdrawals

  • 50% profit split ratio shared between the trader and BluFX.
  • All withdraws are based on 5% profit blocs.


Capital Management Increases
Your account will be automatically doubled in size once you make 10% profit on initial starting capital (without withdrawing profit).

Therefore, when you take the account from $50,000 à $55,000 you will then be moved to manage a $105,000 account with max position sizes of up to 100k.

If you decide to trigger the ‘profit split’ at this point (10%, $5,000) or at 5% ($2,500) then you will stay on the $50,000 account rather than progressing to the larger account.

Therefore, the progression and benefits of keeping the profit in the account can be as so;

50,000 ->(+10%) 105,000 ->(+20%) 215,000 ->(+30%) 1m+ (35,000 buffer)

(50k max positions)    (100k max positions)         (200k max positions)           (1m max positions)

For each 10% that you make and don’t withdraw then you will be managing and trading larger funds in that order.

Easier put: if you make 10% on a $50,000 account, followed by a further 10% on a 100,000 account without withdrawing the profit split, You will then be managing a 200,000 account. Where then if you make 5% = ($10,000) on this size account your profit split will be $5,000 and the firms will also be $5,000.

The profit from previously will remain in the account and can be withdrawn if you leave the firm or stop trading with us at 50% split rate. If you decide to withdrawal all profit and stay with the firm, you will then restart on a 50k trading account.

If the traders ambition is to trade larger account sizes they must keep the profit in the account at each 10% profit mark.

However, if the trader wants to continue to withdraw profits at each 5% mark then they can stay on a $50,000 account. Either option is not an issue for Blueprint Capital and are open to the trader’s desire.