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Traded with BluFX: 12 Months

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Trading Style: Learning, Conservative, Low Frequency

Stefan trades from his home in Belgium, and appreciates the ability to gain experience in financial markets without having to move to London. Stefan was not an experienced trader when he joined BluFX, but has used his account to nurture his trading skills, safe in the knowledge that he won’t be responsible for any losses. Stefan used to reside in London, and got his interest in trading from a trading course he took in the City before returning to Brussels. Stefan first joined BluFX around a year ago after a recommendation from a friend. Stefan’s style is to trade small and often, trying to pick up small ticks with high consistency so as to avoid the possibility of large drawdowns. Because of this, Stefan will often cancel trades as soon as he enters if he thinks the market is moving in the direction against him, and he rarely holds positions for more than 1 hour. At first, Stefan traded only rarely, but after encouragement from the BluFX team he began to grow in confidence, placing more trades and increasing profitability. His current aim is to become profitable consistently and then start to build up his account while continue learning every day. Stefan believes that people no longer need to be put off by trading, as in the past ten years the industry has greatly opened up and is not dominated by big banks and hedge funds. He encourages people to follow their trading dreams.     stephan-graph-large

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